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Extra Anchor Bag and Rope 4PK - Various Sizes

Extra Anchor Bag and Rope 4PK - Various Sizes

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A necessity!

I bought the smaller Neso tent for a beach trip at Ft. Myers. On day 1, my dog chewed through the thin ropes of one bag. After relying the rope, that leg was shorter, so everything the wind blew, my tent started to collapse. I ordered this replacement set for the grande, and replaced that "leg" with a new bag & rope. But, in the wind, it still wanted to collapse. So I added 2 more bags to the front. That did it! With 2 bags on each front corner, my Neso was solid! And I have a spare bag in case my dog starts gnawing again.

Stephen W.
Needed for the beach

I used to use the sand in a bag and a stake to hold them down in the high winds. Adding these is a must for windy days, load them up and they stay put, or put a stone in it or something.

Bradley Stipp
Extra Anchor Bags

For the last couple of years we have wrestled with the tent collapsing during particularly breezy conditions at the beach despite following the setup instructions completely. This year we decided to purchase four extra sandbags (grande) and this made a tremendous difference. We used a tripod arrangement with them as opposed to putting them next to each other. Highly recommend making this purchase if the beach you visit tends to have breezier conditions (we were at Kiawah, SC).

William Sizemore

Very happy with purchase and price

Dean Carballal

I received a Neso sideline as a gift but really wanted a beach tent so it was great to order the anchors and now have the option for both. I haven’t tried it yet but looks perfect, exactly what I wanted and did not have to return and/or buy something different.