Extra Anchor Bag and Rope 4PK - Various Sizes

  • Extra Anchor Bag and Rope 4PK - Various Sizes

Extra Anchor Bag and Rope 4PK - Various Sizes


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Robert Chester
Excellent quality product

Even though I haven’t used it yet, I unpacked it and could tell right off it was made of superior materials. The ease of putting the poles together to the actual shade itself was top notch. Now if Spring will hurry up and get here I will enjoy my new shade!

Atsushi Kobayashi
Easy and convenient

It’s easy to use.

Great beach tent!

Our family used to drive to Florida for vacation, so we would bring a 10x10 canopy and chairs. Since it is just my husband and I , we now fly. Because the cost of renting the chairs and cover is so expensive, $40/day(10am-5pm only) sometimes we mail out chairs ahead of time. Other times, we buy cheap chairs and an umbrella($50-60), then give them to a family that isn’t using anything. We saw the Neso tents online and bought the smallest one. It fit easily inside a CARRY-ON suitcase! It’s very easy to put up. My husband was able to do it on his own. This trip we are renting only beach lounge chairs for $5 ea per day. We are thrilled with this purchase and sure to put it to good use for years to come!

steven cosmos
Great product

We love our Neso and have learned how to set it up in windy situations. It stays up when the others give up!

Scot D
Great customer service

Thanks. Very responsive.