Beach Tent Setup Tips

Beach Tent General Assembly


Lay tent flat.


Fill bags with sand or rocks.The bags should be overfilled and heavy.

More weight = more stability


Pull bags apart as far as possible to make large "X".Fully stretch the fabric.

More tension = more stability


Extend the poles.


Prop tent up with poles 1-2 ft from corners.


Enjoy your Neso!

Windy Day Setup Tips

Setup FAQs

Do Neso tents work if there is no wind?

Absolutely! You do not need wind to make a Neso tent work. They work with or without wind.

Can I use different size poles with my Neso tent?

We recommend the same height poles as the ones that come with your tent. While you can size down, you cannot size up on the poles.

How much sand should I put in the anchor bags?

The tent will hold steady when pulled taut and the anchor bags are heavy. Fill the bags with sand or smooth rocks to about the size of a volleyball (approx. 20-30 lbs of weight each).

My anchor bags are sliding. Should I bury them?

Although we do not recommend burying your anchor bags, it can be helpful to build a mound of sand or rocks in front of the anchor bags to brace them from sliding inwards.

What are the most important tips to make sure my tent works great?

Put a lot of weight in the bags, then pull the bags far apart so that the tent is fully taut.

More weight + More stretch = more stability

Do you recommend other ways to position the poles?

Yes we do! Here’s a blog we wrote about just that very topic.