Our Story

Based in beautiful Encinitas, California, Neso is committed to designing innovative, portable, and lightweight products for your next sunny adventure. Our team is united in our love of the outdoors. We are friends, surfers, travelers, and hikers. Life happens outside. We share a commitment to taking care of our bodies and our planet, and most importantly we understand that time with our families is precious.

As an avid outdoorsman our founder, Matt Goldberg, was exposed to too much sun and diagnosed with early stage skin cancer. Matt was determined to maintain an outdoor lifestyle for himself and his loved ones while staying protected from the sun. Seeing a need for a safer experience at the beach, he wanted to create a better solution than the traditional sun umbrella.

Our signature product, The Neso 1, is a revolutionary beach tent that is anchored using natural resources such as sand or rocks.  The Neso Tent is a lightweight, portable, UPF 50+, water-resistant sunshade that provides a relaxing place to watch the waves, a sporting event, or have a picnic. 

Neso's mission is to provide lightweight, portable outdoor gear without sacrificing beautiful, clean designs. Our beach shades, chairs, off-the-beach Sidelines series, adventure totes and more are enjoyed all over the world. Neso products are the choice for beachgoers, surfers, soccer moms, and camping enthusiasts. Our goal is to help people enjoy themselves, because ultimately that’s what life is about!

Neso is a proud member of The Skin Cancer Foundation Corporate Council.