Alternative Ways to Set Up Your Neso Tent

Alternative Ways to Set Up Your Neso Tent

In addition to being innovative for sun protection and portability, the Neso Tent is also versatile. It's designed to accommodate different variables of sun, wind, and privacy. Over the years we’ve experimented with different setups and even learned a few configurations from our customers!

Next time you go to the beach with your Neso, switch it up and try something new. Here’s a list of our favorite ways to set up the Neso Tent:

THE SINGLE POLE: Ideal for privacy. When you and a friend get swarmed by the summer crowds, use this setup and you will feel like you’re on a deserted beach. And the shade coverage is fantastic too!


THE STANDARD 2-POLE:  Our favorite. Perfect for midday direct sunlight. Allows for forward vantage points, so you can watch your little ones shred their boogie boards.

THE SUNSET 2-POLE: Position the poles in opposite corners. Great for the afternoon; as the sun starts to dip, this design allows for optimal shade and increased privacy.

THE SCORPION 3-POLE: Provides a bit more room to accommodate additional chairs, coolers, people etc.

THE CANOPY 4-POLE:  Got some visitors in town or meeting up with friends? Why carry a 35 pound EZ Up down to the beach when you could just buy an extra set of poles? This design is best for large groups and full days outdoors.

Got some breeze? adjust both poles to face the wind...


Do you arrange your Neso Tent differently? We would love to hear about it! Tag us on Instagram #nesotents and we may feature you in our next post! 

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