Neso Partners with The Surfrider Foundation!

Neso Partners with The Surfrider Foundation!

Written by Kelsie Pearson 

For years the Surfrider Foundation has been working to protect the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches for the enjoyment of all. The organization is comprised of a strong activist network that works locally through grassroots initiatives, like beach cleanups, and nationally to advocate for ocean & environmentally friendly legislation.

We have been honored to partner with them to further their mission through our new Neso Swell print to support and give back to the organization and bring awareness to the importance of their work. The Swells print supports Surfrider Foundation in their mission to protect our ocean, waves and beaches. Protect what you love! You can shop the new Neso print here.

We specifically wanted to focus our campaign with Surfrider to help reduce plastic pollution. Plastics are all around us and a part of our everyday lives. Some plastic is beneficial and serves a specialized purpose, however, single use plastics which are used for a few minutes and then discarded, have created a major pollution problem.

Plastic isn’t made to pollute the ocean, but there is tons of plastic that still enters marine waters each year. Much of it starts out on land from overflowing landfills or as litter on our beaches, streets, and sidewalks that are swept into storm drains, creeks, streams, and rivers that all lead to the ocean. 

As a company, Neso strives to reduce the use of single use plastic. We are proud to use 100% compostable bags when shipping our tents and believe any small act makes a difference. We believe we must change the current flow of plastic pollution by stopping plastic at the source, advocating for better product alternatives and switching to reusables for our everyday needs. We encourage individuals, industry, and governments to protect our ocean, waves, and beaches by moving away from unnecessary single use plastics.

If you would like to get involved with The Surfrider Foundation you can click here. You can also find them on Instagram here to learn how you can get involved in helping our beaches and bettering our planet. 

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