Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Within an hour or two from the hustle and bustle of Southern California, there are some great weekend escapes. It's easy to run for the hills for a quick camping adventure.

Joshua Tree is one of those places on earth that is both magnificent and rugged. The seasons vary such that desert climate fluctuates from winter night lows of 20 degrees to biting summer heat with temperatures soaring into the triple digits. 

The ideal seasons to visit the desert are in the fall and spring. In October one can find themselves perched on top of a Gneiss Boulder watching the most passionate and fiery sunset on earth. Spring time brings about amazing desert blooms, where for a few short weeks cacti and flowers like the Datura will light up the plains in vibrant hues. 

After a long morning hike with the sun still high in the sky, there is no better activity than taking a much needed rest in the shade of a Neso Tent. 

Interested in seeing Joshua Tree? Check out Jumbo Rock and White Tank Campgrounds for the best spots.

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